Saturday, November 21, 2015

Let them in: Open the Gates of Freedom

I've been debating on whether or not I would even write my thoughts out concerning the recent events.  I suspect that they will not leave me a popular individual, but then again, I never wrote to be popular.

Not here anyway.

The past week has been wrought with heartbreaking news and many angry people.  People who on the one hand mourn the events that took place in Paris and claim their solidarity and camaraderie as fellow humans through its various forms on social media; and on the other hand completely ignore the same principles of "precious life" by having nothing positive to say concerning the refugees that wish to enter our country.

I can understand to some degree.  It is easy to feel compassion for something that does not directly affect you.  When things are closer to home, fear can be a powerful hurdle to overcome.

As a Christian, however, I believe the answer is pretty simple.

Let the refugees in.

I have seen a lot of arguments over this single topic, and I can't help but think that, for a country that has been built and thrives on the diversity of its people and the culture they bring, the United States is one of the most xenophobic countries out there.  I don't just say this because of the current refugee example (though it is quite prevalent), but from the years and years of coming across bigoted notions and conversations concerning all races and cultures.

All my life I have been fed the propaganda that we (the US) are the good guys looking out for the little people, but right now I can't believe that.  The "little people" are at our doorstep and most of the country is crying out in full resistance and even hate.

And the thing I find the most amusing about this dance we are having is how resistant we are to 10,000 refugees when it is estimated that there will be almost 5 million refugees by the end of the year.

Please, read this article to get a quick understand of how bad it is for them.

I know.  It is scary to consider that among those 10,000 souls there are those who would want to harm the citizens of the US.

I know.  The events in Paris have done nothing to alleviate those fears.

I know.  We do still have plenty of problems to take care of here in the US without adding the extra stress.


Can we really claim to be the good guy, when we refuse to help those who come for our aid?

We cannot let our fear get the better of us, and allow ourselves to be filled with disproportionate rage.

I have seen quite a bit of outrage at the fact that we have 50,000+ homeless veterans and the fact that people want to help these refugees.

The fact of the matter is though, they are two separate issues.

I agree that our vets should be taken care of; after all, they did put their lives on the line to protect the freedoms we enjoy and should be honored for those acts of bravery.

However, just because we have trouble fulfilling our duties to support our own, does not mean we should deny others the opportunity to live in the same freedom we so deeply cherish.

Being human, is so incredibly messy.  Let's not make it harder on ourselves and remember that all lives have value and we should do what we can to better each other not tear each other down.

Anyway, that's my two cents.  Take it or Leave it.

Grace and Peace.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Has Feminism Lost It's Touch?

It's been a while since I've posted on this blog.  I've mostly been trying to post consistently on my wordpress page for those interested in stories, video games, and storytelling in games.  But I do not want to abandon this blog just for that one.  It's more of a content management deal.  That blog is more about expressing ideas that I find interesting and that might help others while this one is my own musings about anything in general.

Today's Topic?  Feminism.

I can already feel the icy stares that come with even mentioning the word, but it has been so in my face lately that I felt a need to put my own two cents into the already large festering pot of opinions concerning feminism and what it should look like.

Now before I begin, let me start with my understanding of the word.

Feminism: the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.
 By that definition anyone who holds to this doctrine can be considered a feminist.  So, please believe me when I say I am all for women being treated equal to men in their value and their rights.

I completely agree that women should be able to get a job and expect to get paid the same amount a man would make in that same position.  I completely agree that women are overly sexualized and it needs to stop.  I agree, 100%.


It feels like there have been a lot of "movements" lately that aren't really about the equality and more about gaining attention, and it is such a fine line.  It's the ever constant pendulum effect that plagues humanity.  One thing is too much so we swing back to the other extreme and I feel like feminism as it is has the potential to become that extreme opposing view.

One particular facet of the feminists I have run into is this odd double standard.  They expect to be treated equally, but there is an expectation of special treatment as well.  On the one hand, these individuals want to be able to have all the same rights as men ("I'll open my own door thank you") but when men do treat them equally there are complaints about it.  It definitely sends out mixed signals.

I came across this movement recently where some of the more extreme feminists were encouraging all women to get rid of their "sexy underwear" and wear what have been termed "granny panties" for years because women should be able to wear the latter and still be seen as attractive or at the very least should not be judged on the underwear they choose to don on their bodies.

I get it.  Men and women are both people, and a woman's worth should not be based on how she dresses.

I get it.  Women have been ushered into this narrow path of what is acceptable to society and we need to break those restraints.

However, when women who don't follow a movement like that because they actually like the way the "sexy underwear" makes them feel are accused of not really being feminists, it seems a bit extreme.

Perhaps, I am showing my ignorance in all of this rambling, but it just seems to me that there has got to be a better way to break down these social barriers without leaving such a negative feeling behind.  Wouldn't it be better to fight about things a little more important than underwear choice?

If you don't believe me that feminism is turning into a bully, take a look at this website.  Hundreds of women have contributed to this website it's pretty eye opening:

All of them support equality, they just don't support what feminism is becoming.

Just a few thoughts.

Grace and Peace.