Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Post #136

Because I have no other title for it, I just decided to make what post number this is. Anyway...

Today has been pretty good. I had worked on the lesson for today's service for quite a few hours last night, and I've been reading up on how to speak to teens, which has been helpful. I need to finish that book soon so I can get on some other books that I want to read that I hope will improve the way I communicate with the teens and also how I run the ministry that has been placed on my lap. It's not my ministry which means God will have to do a lot of revealing to let me know what He wants me to do with it, but still studying is not a bad way to go about it.

I've felt very lonely today. It has been ever so apparent how much I've appreciated being around my fiancee and how much I wish she was still around. But, she's gone on home to be with family in Ohio, and I'm left here at Toccoa. This not a bad thing considering I'm working and making money so that I can provide for her when we are married (which is only a few weeks away), and I'm excited about seeing her again, but I do feel a little lonely today. Especially after seeing six couples walking around on the way back to the apartment after church.

Tomorrow I will get to deposit money and begin working on the lesson for Saturday, music for Sunday, and of course the lesson for next wednesday. Can't wait to see what God has in store for the group and for me.

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