Thursday, September 17, 2009

To Touch the Heart of God

To come before the throne,
To know his boundless love;
To feel the breath that moves
Like the wings of a dove;
To lift my heart and mind
To the nobler things above;
To touch the heart of God,
This is prayer.

To offer my requests
To the pure and holy One,
To give my thoughts and cares
To the interceding Son;
To place my faith in Him,
By whom all that's good is done,
To move the hand of God,
This is prayer.

To trust in Him
Who is outside of time,
And who knows before I speak,
What I need.

I ask of Him
Who has promised to provide;
I ask believing every good and perfect gift
Can be mine!

I come into His courts,
I enter by His gates,
I offer up my thanks
In a song of earnest praise.
I know I have His ear,
When I come in Jesus name;
To touch the heart of God,
This is prayer.

Just thought these lyrics were really pretty. It's a song we are singing in Choir, and it touches my heart every time we sing it. So, I thought I would share with you.

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Sharon Grace said...

These last two posts touched my heart. This is where I am finding myself, saying Jesus be everything. I'd love to hear that song