Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another Week, Another Day, Another Update

Seems that God is being nice to me lately. Well, He is nice to me all the time, but I meant that life doesn't feel like it sucks right now, which is cool. I don't doubt that it will come, and when it does I'll rely on God, but as of now, I will thank Him for his goodness and trust that He will continue it even through the bad times, but that is not why I am posting today. No, no, no.

Yesterday we had a group come to the church who had spent the entirety of last week at the LIFE conference, Mission Possible. They did a few dramas for us and we got to spend time with them afterwards. It was really good, and enforced my desire for wanting to be at LIFE but I couldn't and that is OK, because God had me learning something else. Anyway they did some "drama" or "mime" or whatever you want to call them, and it really hit me hard a couple of times. Mostly because I could relate by way of friends or issues of things that I knew could create problems and I almost cried a couple of times. There were a lot of teens who rededicated their life to Christ last night, and I couldn't be happier for them.

The skater thing seems to be growing a bit and I think I've been getting some "respect points" (as I call them) from the skaters, which is good because it means I'm not just some outsider, but a person they can relate to. My knee still has some of the scratches on it from my attempt to drop in, but it doesn't hurt so no harm done... at least, nothing terrible.

Watched Bruce Almighty last night. I hadn't seen it in a while and I just felt compelled to watch it. Although it is a bit crude there are some very deep concepts that Christians can pick up on. There was one point that "God" was telling Bruce that "parting your soup, that's a parlor trick, but a single mother with three children having two jobs and still finds time for her family... that's a miracle." then later he states, "You want a miracle, then be the miracle" I thought that was a very interesting concept and I think we could learn a lot from something as simple as that. OH! I also watched Transformers yesterday evening, and I have to say that it was Good, I liked it bunches, and I will probably buy it when it comes out on DVD.

Other than that, there is only one thing I have to say. I got a tattoo.
That is all, thank you.

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Erik said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Mission Possible. Rachel and I found some of their stuff extremely cheesy, but they are very passionate ;)

So I want to hear more about this tattoo of yours.