Friday, July 20, 2007

On God and Evangelism... Take 2

OK, so I guess it is time to put a clarification/continuing a thought/whatever you want it to be post on evangelism. I have had a couple of good conversations with some friends of mine and that fact that I don't feel that well (not physically) gives me permission to do some writing in a cathartic manner. Therefore, it has come time for me to post once again on my current thoughts on God and Evangelism. Please note that these are "thoughts" and not yet beliefs. I'm still working through all this as I continue to study and learn from God what needs to be done.

Also please understand, that though I am a writer at heart, I'm terrible at writing what I intend to most of the time when it comes to these kinds of post. So when reading think of the person who is saying it, and not just the words. Thank you.

So to begin. I was told how I was wrong on a couple of things about evangelism. These things as I've come to think on them have proven to be things that people have just misunderstood what I was saying. For instance, when I said that opem-air preaching and one on one evangelism in a ten minute session was the most effective. I realize that wasn't the best choice of words, but take into consideration that I also said that it depends on the person you are trying to reach. For some it takes days, weeks, maybe even years to reach some, and for others they can simply see it in your life and want what you want. What I meant by "most effective" is merely that MOST people are able to understand a ten minute presentation of the gospel and not be offended, as well as see where their life is in dire need of change (aka salvation). That being said, I still believe in relational evangelism just as much as I believe in the one on one presentation.

But to be sure, the message of the gospel isn't JUST a message. It is a lifestyle, an attitude, and of course the action of sharing our faith. Everyone's heard it "Go therefore to all nations, teaching them all that I have commanded you..." So it isn't just preaching.... it's teaching. There are differences, though sometimes it is hard to see it. (And yes, I realize that I probably misquoted that verse) My youth pastor said that he believes in "spirit-led evangelism" I do to. I think people don't realize that. I was not saying that I would walk up to just anyone and witness. Only if I feel like God is telling me to share with them. So I think it is good to always be ready to share your faith to anyone you pass by, because you never know when God might have you speak to a total stranger.

I read recently that 53% of all converts come from tracts. I think this is fascinating. But it makes sense. You can put them anywhere, and you don't have to share your faith personally if you are too afraid. It's a good first step as we learn to conquer our fear of people. Not only that but they present their case and you can't argue with them. You either accept it or you don't. tracts are certainly a good tool, that is why I said I would have a tract on me. (Still need to find some though).

So for all my friends who care about me, and don't agree with what I say. I thank you for your feedback on the previous post as well as this one. I like feedback because it allows me to think things through, and get new perspectives on same issues.

Now that I've said that, I want to continue with the fact that though there are so many ways to evangelize... only some work with certain people, so it is my goal, as well as it should be to all Christians to, as Paul said, "become all things to all men... so that I may save some". We as Christians need to stand before the gates of Hell fighting everyone from walking into it's clutches (figuratively at least). But so many Christians do nothing at all. They forget the freedom of God's love and suddenly their fear of people outweighs their fear of God... how could we? We might as well call God a liar, because we obviously aren't relying on His promises that say He is greater than the one who is in the world, or that He will never leave us or forsake us, or even the commands He has given us.

The Kingdom is for the humble at heart, the humble at heart are those who seek, everyone is searching for the answer, but no one knows what the answer is. That is why we must live a righteous life. We must be the saints that we have been made into by accepting His gift of salvation. That being said, we need to evangelize... but through modern means, rather may we be creative in our ways and rely on God to do the rest. As I said before we "lead" people to Christ, but only He can "convict and save"

I suppose that's all for now. Again, remember that my words aren't the best way to express my heart, but is the only way I can communicate through this form of mass media. Be nice, but please post your thoughts.

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