Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dreams and Houses

So it's time for another odd dream brought to you by me, Austin.... but FIRST, a word from my sponsor, "the Insanity of the Mind"

"This show has been brought to you in part by the letter 'P' and the number '3'. Also, the owner of the black Mclaren F1... you have just been hijacked by a deadly ninja who thinks he is a pirate."

Where was I? OH YEAH! So like I said this dream I had was pretty weird. There we are Jerry, a teenager, and myself. We have been captured by some dude and put on a gold ship; quite the impressive feat if you ask me, and we all are amazed at its ability to float. Well, we are held in this "living room" style of room, it even has it's own bathroom, and then we move on to speak with our "captor". Oddly he looks a lot like Pierce Brosman (007), but I digress... we talk about something for quite a while and then we are returned to the main room. At one point we check out the bathroom; naturally, it's disgusting. I'm pretty sure their was poo in the toilet and on the floor next to the toilet, but "hey, what can you do?" We weren't left with much of an option when it's the only bathroom available.

We find a newspaper which has the title "Sacrificial Sacrifices" across the top in big and bold, the rest is impossible to read from my point of view; however, Jerry goes into this long spiel about something that had to do with sacrifices, pagans, and how it was relative to the now. I didn't really catch all he said, it was directed towards the teen anyway. So I have this need to pee, naturally I don't want to go to that filthy bathroom, but I have no choice. I walk into the bathroom, look at the disgusting scene, and suddenly keel over in pain. I was suddenly screaming from... pain maybe? A burning sensation was certainly consuming my body, and I was being lifted into the air by an unseen force. My reaction was to command it to release me in the name of Jesus. It did, but then another force picked me back up again, and I just kept repeating the name of Jesus over and over again. I woke up saying His name. I have never woken up so confused on what exactly happened, but the image is still lodged in my brain. Pretty weird huh?

I moved into another house. I am now living with another woman. She is pretty cool, and she made a good dinner. It only took me about an hour and a half to pack everything and another hour to unload into my new abode. She even has kitties!!! I used to live in Tennessee but now I live in Kentucky, of course, I never left the city of Clarksville... not really anyway. So, needless to say (but I'll say it anyway ^_^) Today has been very chaotic, and well I have felt a bit frazzled lately so this was "icing on the cake". However, I think that God will use this to grow me as an individual, and provide for her as she prayed for.

Did I mention the woman is in her 60s? Haha!!! You thought I had moved in with a woman that was my age didn't you?! *laughs at you* I tricked you, I tricked you! *giggles*

Anyways, that's it for now. Later!


Erik said...

I knew it wasn't a woman your age because Jerry would kick the ever living snot out of you ;)

Austin said...

too true...

Ferrari said...

so would i, and you know thats not an easy feat.

I am praying for ya man, and i miss talking with ya.