Friday, May 11, 2007

Pictures and Poetry!

Timeless Sleep

Amusement's Joy

Sky's Battle

Seasonal Falling

Mountain Blues

OK... so intermission. I took most of these pictures... All but the one of myself I believe (maybe my nephew too, my mom might have taken that) but I played around with the pictures on picasa, and when Deviant Arts server gets back to it's usual self I will put these up on it. Although I want to post it somewhere so here it is! Now onto the poem I wrote today for fun.

Silent Tears
by: Austin

I look up with my eyes closed,

The rain pelts my saturated face,

Hiding the silent tears,

That now seem to come so easily.

The pain that you feel,

I can feel it too.

It is like we are connected

Like my heart is yours and yours mine.

I don’t know what happened,

But I know you hurt.

I am in pain because you hurt,

And you hurt because I am in pain.

This existentialist feeling,

Is a phenomenon I love and hate.

I know how to care for you,

In the most dire situations,

And when to rejoice in the pleasant times.

Yes, the rain covers my tears today,

For I do not want you to see,

That I am in pain from your hurt,

From the pain that consumes your life.

One day, you will be OK,

One day, joy will consume you,

And His love will burn within you,

One day, I will no longer have to hide my tears.

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