Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Break in the Action

So I can finally give my peeps a chance to catch up on my life. So this past Tuesday was the last day of finals (thank God!) and also the day of a Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Living Sacrifice, and Underoath concert. It rocked! (And for clarification for those who don't know those three groups are all "Christian" Hardcore bands. I think I threw out a muscle in my back, but I really needed the insanity of the concert to get away from the insanity of school, plus I got to eat some good pizza after the concert and got to hang out with good friends.

Then I stuck around in Toccoa until today when I left after graduation. So now i'm back home, and I have the chance to relax and update after visiting with my fam for a little. Now I'm going to look at pictures my girlfriend sent me for my birthday. (don't worry there not nudies or anything ^_^). Tootles!

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Ferrari said...

Enjoy your summer!