Saturday, June 2, 2007


How did I get here?

Where did things go wrong?

What happened to my hopeless abandon,

Or my strength to resist all?

The battles linger on,

But I have no strength to give.

I am falling into the abyss,

And there is no return.

Yet still you love me,

And offer your hand in help.

I can only stare in disbelief

So this is grace, so this is love.

What did I do to deserve this undying passion?

What did I do to earn your love?

There is nothing I can offer to you,

Nothing worth giving to one such as you,

You consume me.

Like a raging fire,

I am consumed by you.

I am never alone, when I am with you,

I feel as though my reach is boundless.

To you I give my body and soul.

For your unending love, I give my life.

Please stay with me,

Until eternity takes me home.

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