Wednesday, June 27, 2007

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So... Yesterday was a pretty long day. It started at 5:00am and ended at 11:30pm.

Every Tuesday morning the church has a prayer meeting at 6am so me being the slow riser in the morning needed to get up an hour early so I could take a shower and stuffs. But the prayer meeting was really good, and honestly I think it was something I needed. Plus I got to read some of Hebrews and Proverbs before I darted out the door and headed to the church. Then afterwards Jerry (the pastor) and I headed to a coffee shop where we stayed for about two hours doing this and that. While there I registered for the School of Biblical Evangelism. Anyone remember that book I was reading last semester of principles of evangelism? Well guess what, it's the same book! *falls out of chair* Although from the way Jerry talks he actually gets me excited to read the thing and actually learn, who would a thunk it?

Anywhos after that we went to Larry (he's the youth pastor) where we stayed for a bit, he took off and I began to work on the mini quater pipe a little. Apparently the masonite was bubbling because we hadn't put enough screws ins the boards. Go figure. It rained and I chilled doing nothing really except checking e-mail when the internet worked. Then it stopped raining and a skater came over. So he and I talked a bit while he skated the pipe. He was a cool kid, I don't know why so many people hate skaters. They only act the way they do half the time because society has said that's what they are and that is the way they are treated. disgusting! It reminds me too much of Toccoa. I hate that fact.

Well that's a bit of an update on my day yesterday. So today I have to work on my first sermon evar!! Liek I have never actually preached what I would call a sermon. sunday school lessons for teens, and devotionals are not sermons!! Oh well, this will lead to a good learning experience I believe, and I think it is awesome that I'm getting paid to have an intimate relationship with Christ. I LOVE THIS JOB!! I am sorry, but I really do have the best job in the world.

So this sermon is supposed to be about Communion. He didn't actually specify what about communion so I figured I would talk about Why we participate in communion and why it's necessary that we do. I am really nervous about it. Even if I don't actually share it, which I am pretty sure I won't, I still get butterflies in my tummy when I think of standing in front of Adults, at age 20, knowing not nearly as much as I would like to in the experience of preaching, and giving a message that would probably last about 20 minutes tops. I never have been long winded when it comes to teaching. Now talking to friends on the other hand... well, I don't think I am, but well, you would have to ask them not me ^_^

So thanks for reading all this, and thanks for your prayers guise!!
much love to yas! Have an awesome Day!!

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