Sunday, August 26, 2007

Grace Like Rain Falls Down On Me

So, today... I got my job back. I really didn't expect it to happen but it did. I am very grateful, but I couldn't help but ask why? He had given me a "criteria" that I had to meet in order for him to consider rehiring me, however, I haven't met that criteria and yet I got my job back. God really is good to me... and with this whole situation he reminded me of His grace towards humanity, and me more personally. I'm really glad to have it back, and I pray that I don't screw things up again.

I know that God has a lot in store for me. I don't know anything anymore... I know I'm called to ministry, but maybe it has never looked the way I thought it did. I am trying to decide if I am called to do these music lessons for an outreach... not just do it, but LEAD it, to instigate the entire thing and get things set up. Then I feel like God called me to do children's church for three months and so I'm going to be working with 3,4, and 5 year olds, this should prove to be interesting. And still, I think God is leading me to a point of brokenness, but maybe I am slowly finding myself clinging to the Rock and awaiting the hammer's impact. *shrugs* I don't know anything.... and I know it's OK to not know... if that makes sense.

Anyway.... Life should prove interesting, and things will become a lot different for me as the weeks continue, but it will be good for me. Thank you God for grace. So this is the verse that has stuck out to me recently.

"Son of Man (Austin), I have made YOU a watchman for Israel; So, HEAR the word I speak and give them WARNING from Me."
~Ezekiel 33:7 (Emphasis Added of course)

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