Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dreams, Prophecies, and 20/20 Vision

So this weekend has been by far a much better weekend, than the last. It has a stark contrast of Dark and Light, Death and Life, which I find fascinating. Prayer this morning has been good, and God had to practically push me out of bed, but I'm glad I got up for it. So, the title states this post is about three things, but not in that order.

20/20 Vision:
I'm ever thankful for my parents paying for my eye surgery. I had to go home this weekend to get my eyes rechecked; the doctor told me I still had 20/20... w00t! This was also a great time to spend a lunch time with my family (and get BBQ sauce in my eye), as well as, Titina and Cristina Requena, who had both told me they wanted to talk to be about something. So what better way than face to face?

The Sunday night when I was home I had a very odd dream. I don't know if it means anything, but I'm going to post it anyway because I still remember it two days later. Naturally, the details will be fuzzy like vaseline on a camera lens, but you'll get the basics. So essentially the majority of the dream consists of running, or fleeing in this case, from... something. I want to say that we called them zombies, haha, but they weren't your every day, can't think zombies, they were real people who could be anywhere at any moment, so you couldn't trust anyone. I'm pretty sure that zombies was just the name of choice we gave them. And the entire dream was peculiar. There was one point where I had to go to Wal-mart with one other person (Tessa, of all people, oddly enough), and the premise of us going was to get supplies for our "group" that we were going to meet up with later. Now here is the fun part. Time stopped completely while I was in Wal-mart. People were there, but not moving. I didn't have to sneak in like I had planned; I went to the places I needed, retrieved the items, and headed back to the car.

As I was heading out I saw something that caught my attention, and so I started to go retrieve that as well (fuzzy area) but as I reached down to obtain the item, time resumed, and I had to run. I sprinted to the car, got in, Tessa wondering where I had been all this time, and I looked at her confused. For whatever reason, I had been gone for 5 hours, and I guess the natural assumption to go along with that is the "group" that I was supposed to meet up with had moved on. So, I text messaged Erik (yes, you Pasco!) asking where he was going, and how to get home (or something like that). His reply was really weird. It was something along the lines of "Home is .... (can't remember), and you can't come." I am not entirely sure what that meant, but for whatever reason I knew where to go, I think. I am almost positive that it was a code for the location, and I had to wait for someone to escort me.

Moving along... I arrived in a very rocky area. The scenes kinda spanned to it, I don't know how I got there from where I was. It reminds me of the verse that speaks about fleeing to the mountains in Revelation, now that I think about it. But that is where the dream pretty much ends. There are some conversations, and some hiking, and that's about it. And my knowledge of the time was that I was in "The End Times", but I don't know if that really means anything. When I woke up I was thoroughly confused.

The next morning, I go to talk to Titina before I go to the eye doctor. We begin to talk about this and that, and then she tells me about a prophecy that was told to one of our friends, Glenda. Which basically states that if the church doesn't wake up and start interceding for the people of America, and start to reach out, then 9/11 was going to look like a paper cut compared to what is to come. I realize I probably risk looking like I know something I shouldn't but I have to state it. If you don't believe prophecy really exists, then ignore me, but I do believe it exists, and is very real and active even today. God's wrath is going to hit America if we don't wake up, and He is going to start with the church. The country has been under our watch, and we are going to be held accountable for what we did, and didn't do.

I guess this post has been a bit bizarre, but oh well, get over it. It's my blog, not yours. *sticks out tongue* :p

OH! before I forget, although God told me not to talk about the details. I had a really AWESOME prayer experience driving home last night. That is all. Kbye!

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Erik said...

Home is where the heart is?

I must say...that was the weirdest dream I've ever heard described :)

If you think our country is going down-hill with us Christians now, can you imagine if the rapture happened and there were no more Christians? I would hope that there would be a difference...there better be.