Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fire and Stars

So today I worked from 7:30 to about 5:00 at a construction site, and basically is spent that entire time burning wood, so now I'm really sore, tired, and my throat is driving me nuts. But that is not why I'm posting. I am just posting because God did the subtle thing he likes to do by reminding me of some things by the way of two things fire and stars.

As I said I was burning lumber today at the construction site, and as I was watching the flame I was reminded how much God's love is like a consuming fire. A fire that rages against any and every thing. It burns us, breaks us, and refines us with its destructive heat and flame. That's right, I said destructive. And it is, it destroys our pride, selfishness, our sinfulness, and replaces it with kindness, goodness, faith, and love (among other things). And the flame was so hot that yous could feel the heat from a good 10 ft. away, minimum. And just like that heat, God's heat from the fire hurts too when you get too close, but we have to walk through the flame, to get burned, and to come out new.

As I was coming from small groups tonight, I got to do a little star gazing, and I had almost forgotten the night sky is. It has been a crisp, cool night as well which made this kiss from heaven all the better. The magnitude, and seemingly limitless expanse of the galaxies and stars are great reminders of God's own magnitude. The very fact that the universe is so huge that we could come up with no better title for it than "space" just proves the awesomeness of it in my opinion. The stars are a light in the darkness, and just as they reflect the sun's light and light the night sky, we as Christians should reflect the Son and light up the dark world, but we so often are so inward focus, we forget about loving others. I am so sick and tired of seeing this trend in "Christians". They certainly don't live up to their name, if they are true Christians, "Slave of Christ" indeed, HA! Get real! Stop faking it! *sigh*

Anyway, I'm done, kbye

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