Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bubbly Faces and Chilly Places

So here I am, back at TFC, finally completely unpacked, and all by my lonesome. No roommate has yet to appear. I'm not completely against it, sometimes not having a roommate is a plus, besides, Josiah and Dan will overrun me with their presence so it's all good.

The check-in was a lot shorter than I anticipated, but registering for classes is going to be a major bummer, because I gotta visit an adviser and figure out just what I am going to do. Once again my major has changed. I'm not going to be a music major (though I love music, I just can't see myself doing it professionally). Instead, I have decided to focus on communication. Be an Interpersonal/Public Communication major, and probably a Mass Comm minor (might double it, not sure yet).

I was asked if I would be part of the choir this year, and I just have to wonder if I really want to. I know that it is good, and I enjoy it usually, but... I like not having a thousand things over me, and choir really be quite a load no matter what your focus is.

Hmm... apples. So liek, getting together with Dan and Josiah gave me a huge feeling of nostalgia, but it was good, and I'm glad to be back. I'm sure before the week is over ton of drama will have occurred, but this time around, I'm not going to care as much. Yes, I care about people, but I gotta stop taking the burden on like I'm going to save them, haha. This year, I learn to love myself. I guess I'll update later when I have something to actually update, or something that seems worth blogging.

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