Thursday, January 31, 2008

Deadly Dreams

So this morning I woke up, spent some time getting ready, etc. You know, the daily routine, and then I come up to my computer and there is a chat box open from one of my friends with a story of a dream she had. I did not have this dream, therefore I do not feel the need to explain it... then again I think I will. But before I do, I just want to point out that she is NOT the first person to tell me about a dream where I die... there was another, last week, who told me the same thing, but with a different dream.

Dream 1:
OK, so apparently my friend was sick, and there were a bunch of guys around and her husband decided to take them out to play some football or something, but I decided to stay with her (for whatever reason). So we talk, and I end up telling her that I'm in love with a mermaid, and how there is this cliff and if I jump off this cliff I will become a merman (odd right, it's going to get weirder) So then, we are at the cliff, the mermaid, myself, and an anonymous 3rd person (maybe my friend, but she isn't sure who it is). I jump off the cliff and into the rocks at the bottom, it pans over to the hospital, and then I'm dead. Apparently the mermaid died too, but the third person survived. (talk about weird dreams hu?)

Dream 2:
I don't remember as much about this one. It isn't as fresh on my mind. But essentially, In this dream, I decided that it would in everyone's best interest to just kill myself (*shrugs*) and so my friends actually decide to help me, except one who protests it, but no one seems to listen. And then I guess I committed suicide or something after that.

I have to admit these dreams are a bit discomforting, but at the same time I know that God could be trying to tell me something. I've had too many dreams with elements like this to really take dreaming lightly, especially if it's from the people who told me these dreams.

What on earth could it be?
Is it spiritual, physical, emotional, the destruction of the self-concept, or self-image?
I'm sure I'll know soon enough if it's important.


Erik said...

I highly doubt it's physical. When death is talked about in the scriptures, it's often talked about in some spiritual sense.

Austin said...

yeah, I doubt it's physical too to be honest, but it was just a part of a series of questions.