Friday, April 27, 2007

Christian Broadway?

So I have had this melody slash song slash something that is musical running through my head lately. And the interesting thing is, I can totally see this being acted out. It is really cool. Most of the words are interchangeable, but the melody has been the same. So I am just going to write out some of it hear and you guys can tell me what you think. The song is a Duet/sing-song dialogue between two people so here it is. We'll call one Friend in Pain (or FiP) and the other Holding on Friend (or HoF) So here is the dialogue between FiP and HoF.

(Setting, How could I forget? It is basically FiP has been going through a hard time, and has come to the point where he totally rejects the fact that God is a loving God, if He even exists. And HoF is his friend trying to talk sense into him and encourage him, and let FiP know that he will stand by him despite all the pain and rejection he [FiP] has faced.)

Leave me! How can you say you understand?
You have no idea what I've been through!
People have stabbed me in the back
With a thousand knives
Yet you say that you are with me?

My friend, just tell me what the problem is...
I've stood by you through all this pain,
How can I not understand what you go through?

I've been hurt, I give up!
How can our God be so brutal?

How can you say He's brutal,
When all He does is show you love?

If he has been showing me love,
What is his hatred like?
I've been standing here
Waiting for his unhelping hand.

My Friend, You know as well as I do
His helping hand is always there
Reaching out to you...

(Chorus [maybe])
God is an awesome God
He created me and you
He raised us above our enemies
And with Him we'll make it through...
We'll make it through.

(Verse 2?)
How can you say that He's loving,
When all I feel is pain?
There is no hope, there is no joy
There is only suffering!

How can you say that there's no joy?
How can you say there is no hope?
The very fact that I'm standing here,
Should be enough to prove that.

It proves nothing to me!
It proves NOTHING to me...

Am I not your friend?
Have I ever steered you wrong?
Would I be standing here
If I did not care for you?

(Chorus [again maybe])
'Cause God is an awesome God
He created me and you.
He'll stan with you through all this pain
And one day... One day... you...will..see

His love for you has never failed.
He merely wants you to see Him.
His faith in you never ceases
And He wants to see you through this pain.

(Chorus [thrice maybe])
FiP and HoF together:
'Cause God is an awesome God
He created me and you
He gave us life, to live His word
So that others may see
The blessings of our lives
And draw closer to Him

God is an Awesome God
We should never forget His truths.

Now you see, it's our destiny

FiP and HoF:
To live like Jesus lived...

So that's kinda it for now. It's been playing through my head a lot, and I realize it probably does flow very comprehensively but, eh, I wrote it so that it might leave my mind. Haha, it's a cool melody and all, but after the 15 hundredth time it gets a little annoying.

So tell me what you think... Yay, nay, maybe say "what?" I don't know.... I'm getting goofy wit this post. Later Taters!

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Ferrari said...

Good job.... cant imagine where the insparation came from.... but i do like it... you should grab a friend and record it.