Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Forgivenss, Prophecy, and All Around Goodness

Today has been an interesting day. It started off with me being very upset with myself, mostly because I once again didn't make it up on time for class and missed out on stuff that I need to know, Grr. Then the rest of the day passed fairly normal, although there were things here and there that were a little annoying. However, most of the day was OK, and somewhat enjoyable. Especially since I was able to visit with my mom for about an hour today before I had to go back to my busy schedule. I had a performance tonight, and I think it went really well. It lasted about two hours, which is unusual for us, and consisted of Jazz and numbers from Pirates of Penzance. It was AWESOME, despite the fact that I messed up on the second verse. Plus I had many compliments that they enjoyed it. Yay to God for giving us talents!

So saying all that to lead to the next part of my post. We had a mandatory devo for all the guys in the Forrest Dorm, and I begrudgingly went because, well it was required. Totally didn't have the right attitude for it. I wanted to get out of my dress clothes and into something more comfortable, yada yada yada. But I am glad that I had to be there, because God basically hit me in the face about my attitude toward the authority figures here at TFC. Despite their wronging of my friends, they are, in fact, people who are trying to do the best they can. And for some reason God just gave me a paradigm shift and I actually saw them for who they were... people. I have more than once gone on and on about being an altruist, and having altruistic love, but here I am tonight realizing that there is so much more I need to learn about it. Haha, it reminds me of a thing Rob Bell says in his book Velvet Elvis, "The Rabbi thinks we can be like Him."

You probably will not understand what He is saying unless you read his book, but rabbis were people who were the scholars of their time. They were the best of the best of the best at interpreting and understanding scripture. When it came time to pick a student they weighed the issues of "Can he be like me? Can he live as I live? etc." and that would decide if he would tell them to "follow me." Now this is phenomenal that Jesus tells fishermen to, "follow me" because that means they didn't even become the best at understanding scripture. And Jesus telling them to "follow me" meant that they could live like He did, that they could be like Him. "The Rabbi thinks we can be like Him." Phenomenal... I will continue to try to follow the Rabbi.

So much to learn, and I think this week will be a week of steps that will lead to some major change. Perhaps it is the revival everyone has been praying, and preaching is to come? Perhaps not, I really don't care HOW God is going to change us, only that He IS going to change us. I am already on the way, and so are a few friends of mine. I am so stoked to see how God will use this "jar of clay" for His purpose. No matter what is going on, something is coming for my friends in general and, I believe, for this campus. This will be quite exciting.

Well, I'm done now... see you around? *thinks* BYE!


Ferrari said...

yes... exciting and scary.

and you did very well. I didnt notice you mess up, but then again my camera was being a pain.. i couldnt get a good shot from where i was.

Michael Krahn said...


I've just posted the first of a multi-part series on Rob's

book "Velvet Elvis".

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