Sunday, April 15, 2007

PSO, D&D, KotOR, and other Acronyms

That should tell you what kind of week this has been. Well aside from the post from Tuesday/Wednesday morning. It has been busy, but fun; dull, yet exciting; sad, yet happy... moving on... I don't know what is going on as usual. I wish people wouldn't carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. It can't be healthy... especially when they do it alone.

This week has been extremely busy, and the upcoming week will be just as busy as the last. We have the oratorio by Mendelssohn, "Elijah", which I think will sound awesome, but it has taken a lot of work, and I will be glad to be done with it. Also I have a GSR recital performance on the 20th which is the day after Elijah. Not only that, but that same night I am going to the Jr./Sr. thing with a friend. This Tuesday I have a paper due one of my Christian Ed classes and well stuff just keeps piling up each week the closer the semester comes to closure. I am looking forward to ending this semester because it will mean only 2-3 more years of school, and not only that but a summer full of fun and frustration. I won't be naive and think that I won't be frustrated, but I know I will have a lot of fun helping out at PPC, LIFE, and of course Invert Ministries (youth group). Twill be a blast.

My Birthday is next week!! w00t... then I'll be as old as I feel... haha, no I still feel quite young which I am. I'll be 20 years old. Never to look on the teen years again. Not sure if that is a good thing, and "eh" thing, or a bad thing. OH well, another milestone and another year, let's look to the future. I will be able to see my girlfriend again this summer hopefully, and hopefully I won't get bitten by 80 billion fleas this time... grr. It will be worth it though, because I've been wanting to see her for such a long time. Pictures don't count... it's just not the same as physical, tangible, palpable presence (hehe, I know).

Finally beat KotOR II again. As a light character, and now I'm going through Metroid Prime again. My youth pastor encouraged me by watching him play. Thanks Erik! No fears though, I still get all my work done. I just don't have a social life anymore, haha. Just kidding (haha, I fooled you). On a random note... slinkies are awesome and everyone should own one.

So I guess I'm done for now. I think I've done enough rambling for one night. Later taters.

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