Monday, April 23, 2007

Birthday Blues

OK so that title might be a tad misleading so you will just have to deal with it. *sticks tongue out*

So the bad thing of today is:
- People everywhere are asploding for something dumb or justified, but shouldn't be an issue to begin with.
- I feel like I could do nothing right today. I was told how to sing, how to this or that, how to exist basically. I definitely feel very "happy" most of the day, how frustrating.
- I have felt completely useless because of the previous point.

The good thing of today is:
- It is my birthday (or was technically since it is 12:21am of the 24th, and blog likes to start the day then).
- I have awesome parents who call and leave encouraging messages on my phone.
- I have awesome friends who reminded me that I don't COMPLETELY fail at life.
- A small party was thrown, and by small I mean there were brownies (yumminess) and ice cream and three/four friends. But that is better than nothing!
- A surprise visit from a friend of mine... a REALLY GOOD friend, and my heart leaped. It was awesome.

So all in all the day was terrible, but also awesome. I like but don't like days like that. Haha, there were a lot of "like"s in that sentence. Moving on...

So to all those who are having a horrible. I pray for you, and I empathize. Have a good day tomorrow. Now... I must go do music theory homework and try to make up for a quiz tomorrow. *sigh* I don't like having birthdays in busy weeks ah well... tis life in all its glory. Gotta take the bad with the good.

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Ferrari said...

dont completely fail..... *facepalm* how about not really at all? I am sorry yesterday sucked... i was sad that not many people showed up.... I hope things are better today... <3