Sunday, April 1, 2007

I saw a tree today...

This tree was consumed in darkness,
A darkness that could consume your very soul.
It was blacker than the night itself.
I saw a tree today.

Suddenly upon this tree I saw lights,
Four lights dancing to an unheard rhythm,
Dancing around the darkness,
Dancing around the night.

The darkness swelled and swelled;
It tried to consume the dancing lights.
But the lights would not back down,
They continued their dance without end.

Soon the darkness gave way to more lights,
And more and more, I could not believe my eyes.
The tree turned from black to white in an instant,
And I could hear music, such sweet music.

The white tree shone so brightly,
I had to shield my eyes.
And then I heard a voice,
A thunderous and quiet voice.
It gently whispered:

"Believe and you shall see,
What has happened to this tree
Will one day happen through thee,
And all around will find their glee,
Believe and you shall see,
What I will do through thee."

The tree came to life as the voice grew silent,
The white became many more vivid colors.
I could scarcely believe mine eyes,
As all these colors lit up the sky.

Now, I tell you this,
Never before have I felt such bliss
As when I stood there
Consumed by this great fair.

So, here I am
Before you now.
I believe and I have seen,
What He has done through me.

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